Through Black Spruce 2019 Movie Trailer

Through Black Spruce Movie In Theaters March 29, 2019 !

Through Black Spruce 2019 Movie Synopsis:

“The film follows Annie Bird (Tanaya Beatty), a Cree woman from James Bay, as she travels to Toronto to find her sister. Suzanne, who left the family home in Moosonee more than a year ago — and hasn’t been heard from since. In the city. Annie is sucked into the duplicitous and dangerous high-fashion world Suzanne became a part of starting an affair with fast-rising photographer Jesse (Kiowa Gordon), the last photographer still working with Suzanne when things began falling apart. Annie soon realizes her search for Suzanne may jeopardize her own life.”

Movie Details:

Starring: Tanaya Beatty, Kiowa Gordon, Brandon Oakes, Tantoo Cardinal, Tina Keeper, Graham Greene
Director: Don McKellar
Writer: Barbara Samuels
Genre: Drama , Movies Trailer
Runtime: 111 min
Country: Canada
Official Site: IMDB

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